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Case Studies

The following links can direct you to actual case studies describing client solutions completed as a result of engagements contracted through OC Associates. Each provides an idea of the strategic focus we provide to all of our clients.

Superior Branch Services dictates Centralized Back-office Solution

A Northern California bank faces an organizational restructuring in their branch operations. Development of a network-based automation strategy allows the bank to centralize several functions into a back-office operation. The result allows each branch to concentrate on providing superior sales and customer services... with fewer branch personnel as a consequence.

Don't Pick an Acquired Institution Apart in Pieces (Transition Strategies for a Successful Merger)

It is tempting for various departments of an acquiring institution to want to fire out and merge individual portions of an acquired institution into their unit as soon as possible. A more successful strategy is to continue operating the entire institution as previously managed until a singular conversion and merger effort is completed

System Integration is an art form with few "artists" to paint the solutions

Most software companies are unwilling or unable to provide integration of their standard product to a company's legacy systems, whether host-based or network-based. OC Associates reviews several examples of how system integrators may actually be your most valuable asset.

Image Remittance Processing simplifies exception handling

Remittance processing for a large loan servicing company in Southern California was previously only 60% to 70% automated. By implementing the ImageRPS image-based remittance platform, from Wausau Financial Systems, and integrating their exception processes with legacy systems, this company is now able to automatically process over 95% of all checks received on a same-day basis.

Orange County's United Way

This Southern California client had out grown existing systems and infrastructure. A needs assessment resulted in a five-year automation strategy and a fast track implementation and data conversion.

U.S. Postal Service CONFIRM's that "It's in the Mail"

During 1999, the United States Postal Service (USPS) piloted a new automation strategy, the CONFIRM program. As a result, companies with sizable mailing requirements can download USPS tracking information to determine whether the mail has arrived at its destination or whether return mail is on its way back to the company.

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